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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

October Promo:until 20th October 2010:last day today:until 12 midnight!

October Promo:Available on certain Photobooks only
Promo until 20th October 2010

1.Photobook pocket softcover(orientation:)landscape

Size 8 x 6 inches,20 pages + gloss lamination
Free hard protective box cover
Original Price: RM129.00
Promo Price :RM89.00 (save RM40!)
Deposit: RM50 upon booking

Poslaju RM6.00

1.Suryati Zainal x 1 x 20 pages ( paid full)
2.Diya RRama x 1 x 20 pages(depo)
3.Ikin Arif x 1 x 20 pages(pending payment transfer-CIMB)
4.Ct Ida x 1x20 pages (paid full-pending payment transfer-CIMB)
5.Hawa Mohdx 1 x 20 pages (depo)


2.Photobook Elegant Hardcover(orientation: landscape)

size 8.5 x 12 inches (A4 size),20 pages + gloss lamination
Free hard protective cover
Original price: RM219.00
Promo Price: RM169.00 (save RM50!)
Deposit: RM100 upon booking

Poslaju RM9.00

Grab one now!

5 ulasan:

LisaVsKhusairi 3 Oktober 2010 2:25 PTG  

mcm nk tempah jer kak...hehehe...yg ni percuma photobook ye kak...

CatlinaFly 3 Oktober 2010 8:51 PTG yg buy 1 free 1 tu dah abes...:)

LisaVsKhusairi 4 Oktober 2010 9:41 PG  

oooo..yeke...ingt buy 1 free 1....hehehe...

Mummy Dasy 12 Oktober 2010 4:06 PTG  

Photobook pocket softcover(orientation:)landscape... catlina, camne nak booked yg ni..

CatlinaFly 12 Oktober 2010 4:36 PTG  

mummy dasy: email sy di

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