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Selasa, 16 Ogos 2011

Jom Photobook: A picture does speak a thousand words....

We at KedaiGambarKami knows exactly how you would like your photobook to be.Be it sweet, lovely or simply elegant, we do it at our best.Why?Because, we are our own client!We are also a parent and we love to capture moments of our growing daughter and preserve all the memories in photobook!

My hubby sometimes doesn't even remember the exact place or time when we capture the photos, but he can reminisce and relive it by taking a peek into our photobook!And every page have their own story!Me and him even spend some time to laugh or recall the moments, and our daughter also love it!She can spend hours by looking thru her own pictures and giggle sweetly thru the pages !Let's photobook with all the petrol and time to go develop your photos into prints, just order and send softcopies to us, and the photobook will arrive at your doorstep in 2-3 weeks time! JOM PHOTOBOOK!

Our daughter/family own collection

Some of our portfolio/sample products

Ramadhan Promo 2 is still on going!Click here!

Our other services/products
Wedding Photography
Family Photography
Mockup albums
Custom albums

Want to hire us?Call 0137449963 (Catlina) or 0197433093 (Cg Fly)or email catlina7@yahoo.comBrought by Kedai Gambar Kami JM 0585327-H

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