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Ahad, 28 Februari 2010

Blog Header: TheHoneybunch Marketplace

Finally complete dah set blog header and logo ordered by Hanz..dah siap sebelum ku pergi outstation lagi.Baru sempat nak upload gmbr skrg..btw, jom lah singgah di TheHoneybunch Marketplace, ade preloved and new items, and also potrait skecthing at very reasonable price!Oh, Hanz juga ada buat review about our blog, boleh baca kat sini k :)

Dan ini blog logonya, as published before...

Blog Header starts from RM15 to RM30++
Blog Logo RM15 to RM20++
Contest Badge as cheap as RM10 only
Photobooks starts from RM139++
Photography packages as low as RM120++
(at time being)


Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Fruit of Love:Adreal Faith

Pinjam tajuk entry oleh mama Alden & Adreal eh!The two lovely couple, Dr. Donny and his wife Cikgu Jue,are actually my neighbour.Dr. Donny is also an aspiring photographer , as we share the same passion and sometimes our family do photography outing together!

Big thanks to Don & Jue for giving me this golden opportunity to capture baby Adreal first weeks......he' will to turn 3 weeks old by this Friday!Well, as baby usually does, baby Adreal slept althrough the photo session!

I actually wanted to photograph baby Adreal with his elder brother Aldeany but big bro tends to leaps merrily around the room and it was quite hard to keep up with the little athlete!;)

photographed by :Catlina

interested?contact me at
momentarily we are available in Johor area only
see photography packages here


Ahad, 21 Februari 2010

Milik siapakah kaki comel ini?

Jawapannya, esok pagi....Tungguuuu!:)


Jumaat, 19 Februari 2010

KedaiGambarKami Review from Charm Chameleon Chatterbox

KedaiGambarKami is one living proof that your passion can generate another source of income as long as the dedication is there.

Begun in the middle of year 2009, this couple deep interest in photography has lead to the birth of their blogshop, KedaiGambarKami. Mainly offering photography and photobook services, they also provided blog design too specifically blog header and blog badge.

Offering at a very affordable prices, it is a product and services that you probably would highly consider hiring them to fulfill your relevant needs.

  • Photography packages as low as rm120++ to Rm 399++
  • Photobook as low as RM139 to Rm289++
  • Header design as low as Rm15 to Rm 30++(depends on design difficulty and customer request)
  • Blog logo as low as RM10 - RM20++
  • Contest badge as low as RM10 only!

TheHoneybunch, both the Chatterbox and Marketplace has the chance of obtaining their services for the first time, generously sponsored for the ongoing giveaway.

Happy with its fast and reliable services, TheHoneybunch requested more services specially for the Marketplace.

Visit KedaiGambarKami and take your tour should you having thoughts on some image boost-up be it in photos form or for your blog!

Disclaimer : An advertorial post as a token of appreciation to
as one of the sponsors of
TheHoneybunch 2010 #1 Giveaway : Best Birthday Ever!


Blog logo : Afidah , Idayu dan Maria Ariff

Afidah Arif

Idayu(Mummy Ayu)

Maria Ariff

Click logo to visit their blogs! :)
Interested?Contact me at and
I'll make one for you at a very low price!


Blog logo: Dr Hanie

Dr Hanie's ..she's one of my blogger friend.


Testimonial from my lovely customers...

Testimonial from friends and customers..btw, all of our customers are indeed our friends too!Thank you all for the support...we really appreciate these....

" amat memuaskanhati, good service , harga berpatutan dan hasil yang memikat"
memang puashati dan suke tengok hasil photobook tu.."

Afidah Arif
"1. The service is super fast 2. the price is reasonable
3. and the owner is creative ( she design my blog header)"

Ezrin Mustafa Bakri @ mamaaerish
"friendly website & excellent services."

"super friendly to remind me for all my transaction.
Very helpful and friendly.
Happy to be their client"

Nur Idayu Alwi
"my friendly blogfriends, plus love so much her works & design.. "

" superb job & service.. try it 1st then u will believe what i've said...:)"

As taken from MOBS Buyer's Choice
More testimonial yet to come!


Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Sneak peek


Khamis, 11 Februari 2010

Blog Logo: TheHoneybunch Marketplace

Blogshop milik my friend Hanz...The Honeybunch Marketplace menjual preloved item like books & baby items, service like portrait sketch & soon translation.....visit them k! :)


Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Blog logo: Nurul Azham's Family

Link To Us!

A blog logo for Nurul . Agak mencabar sebab nak muatkan ketiga2 gegirl yang cute miut tu ...:). Please copy and paste this logo , or drop a comment to befriend with her and her cute daughters!


Isnin, 8 Februari 2010

The Honeybunch Giveaway Banner

Giveaway banner untuk Hanz. Kami jadi co-sponsor utk giveaway yang dianjurkan oleh beliau, dan banner ni jugak sponsor dari kami . Jom join give away ni, klik banner k?


Khamis, 4 Februari 2010

Promosi terhad!Jimat RM40!

Sticky sticky!

Click to enlarge

18Jan 2010-Announcement:
Due to printing and machinery breakdown,
product below are on-hold until further notice
1.Pocket photobook: Not available
(above promotion will be extended when the problem resolves)
2.Coffee Table Photobook: Not available

However, these 3 product are not affected:
1.Elegant Hardcover Photobook(8.5x 12 inches, 40 pages)Click for infos
2.Pocket Photobook II(soft cover, 8.5 x 6 inches, 40 pages)Click for infos
3.Mag-A-Like Photobook ( soft cover, 8.5x8.5 inches,40 pages)Click for infos

We apologize for the inconvenience..tq.


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